As States get set to vote on the resolution on autonomous weapons systems (AWS), human rights organisations in the UK are calling on the Foreign Secretary to urgently and effectively safeguard against the serious risks posed by AWS by supporting the resolution.

This month, a resolution on AWS will be tabled-for the first time-at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) First Committee (Disarmament and International Security). States will be able to vote For, Against or Abstain.

Human rights organisations are calling on the Foreign Secretary to support the resolution. The call for an international treaty is already supported by over 90 States, the International Committee for the Red Cross, experts in technology and artificial intelligence and civil society organisations around the world.

If the UK is serious in its commitment to be “at the forefront of global regulation on technology” it must take action through the General Assembly, where all states are represented.

AWS pose legal, ethical, humanitarian and security risks. We urge the UK Government to use the upcoming vote as an opportunity to respond to the UN Secretary-General’s urgent call to Member States to adopt a treaty to prohibit and regulate AWS by 2026. Supporting the resolution is vital for progress on addressing the problems with AWS.

Read the open letter (this letter remains open for additional organisation signatures).

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