UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

We work to obtain the UK Government's support for an international treaty that:
a) prohibits autonomous weapons that cannot be meaningfully controlled and those that target humans
b) regulates other autonomous weapons to ensure meaningful human control over the use of force

We are a member of the global Stop Killer Robots campaign - a coalition of over 180 organisations working across more than 60 countries

Latest news

Statement at the start of a new Parliament

We welcome the new Labour government and the commitments within its manifesto to strengthen the UK position on the world stage, using our  position within the UN to uphold human rights and international law. We are encouraged by the commitment to conduct a Strategic Defence Review within the first year of government. We are also excited to see yesterday’s announcement that the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology will expand to respond to the opportunities and challenges that new developments in AI present and ensure such technologies are safely developed and deployed. In this spirit we hope the new government will fully engage with the start of treaty negotiations for an Autonomous Weapons Systems treaty when they begin at this year’s General Assembly. 

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