UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

We work to obtain the UK Government's support for an international treaty that:
a) prohibits autonomous weapons that cannot be meaningfully controlled and those that target humans
b) regulates other autonomous weapons to ensure meaningful human control over the use of force

We are a member of the global Stop Killer Robots campaign - a coalition of over 180 organisations working across more than 60 countries

Latest news

The House of Lords.

UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots welcomes House of Lords Report

The UK Government must heed the Lords’ call to lead in international engagement on regulating autonomous weapons systems (AWS), and abandon its attachment to unproductive forums. The UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots urges the Government to take serious action on the Committee’s recommendations on meaningful democratic engagement. On Friday 1st December, the House of Lords AI in Weapons Systems Committee published its report on how autonomous weapons should be developed, used and regulated. The report is a culmination of a one-year inquiry into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in weapon systems. In the report, the Committee has set out a number of recommendations to ensure that the Government approaches the development and use of AI in AWS in an ethical and legal way. Over the course of the year, Committee members have listened to evidence from academics, human rights organisations, scientists, tech companies, tech workers and engineers as

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