UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

We work to obtain the UK Government's support for an international treaty that:
     a) prohibits autonomous weapons that cannot be meaningfully controlled and those that target humans 
b) regulates other autonomous weapons to ensure meaningful human control over the use of force 

We are a member of the global Stop Killer Robots campaign - a coalition of over 180 organisations working across more than 60 countries


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Autonomous Weapons Explained

Autonomous weapons replace humans in the decision to use force. They are fundamentally dehumanizing and their development will have profound consequences for all of humanity. As technology rapidly develops, legal safeguards are not in place. Policy discussions on autonomous weapons need to address two key problems:

01. How do we maintain human control, and

02. Can we accept machines deciding to kill people?

Take a look at this video explainer created by the Global Campaign.

Resources for UNGA

This report highlights the key technological concerns related to the lifecycle of autonomous weapons systems.

Outstanding Technical Issues as interacting with each phase of the following frameworks; The Lifecycle of a weapon system and NATO’s Joint Targeting Cycle.

An investigation into the role of UK universities in the development of autonomous weapons systems.

Watch the 'Immoral Code'

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