The Science, Innovation, and Technology Select Committee released its new report on the Governance of artificial intelligence today. The report highlights the regulatory situation in the US and the EU and urged the next UK Government to make AI regulation a priority from day one.

In 2022, Stop Killer Robots UK was one of 115 organisations who provided submissions to this inquiry. In our submission we highlighted:

While the committees report didn’t explore the topic of autonomous weapon systems in depth, there were many welcome recommendations in the report. The key theme of the report was the urgent need to develop regulation within the UK. Throughout the report, the committee urged the new government to introduce legislation to regulate AI systems.

There were also welcome calls for insuring meaningful human controls on AI systems and transparency over their development. The report also commends the work of the AI Safety Institute with recommendations that called for the new government to continue supporting it and urging greater funding.

You can find a copy of the report below.