UK Campaign Stop Killer Robots

We work to obtain the UK Government's support for an international treaty that:
a) prohibits autonomous weapons that cannot be meaningfully controlled and those that target humans
b) regulates other autonomous weapons to ensure meaningful human control over the use of force

We are a member of the global Stop Killer Robots campaign - a coalition of over 180 organisations working across more than 60 countries

What can I do?

If you or your organisation would like to engage or become a member of the UK campaign, please:

Follow our social media channels to learn more, stay up to date and take action to Stop Killer Robots

We are part of a global campaign

Formed in October 2012 and publicly launched in 2013, the global Stop Killer Robots campaign operate with over 180 members, which seek:

to build and strengthen social norms that reject autonomous killing by machine in warfare, policing, border control and other circumstances;

to demand meaningful human control, which ensures responsibility and accountability, in any use of force;

to counter digital dehumanisation and to protect human rights, now and in the future; 

to build recognition that we are individually and collectively responsible for developing and shaping the technologies that frame interaction between us;

to challenge the inequalities and oppressions in society that are reproduced or exacerbated through technology.