Signatories to the open letter on AI and Gaza.

This week members and friends of the UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots – technology experts and engineers, international lawyers and human rights advocates, academics and individuals of conscience –  have written to the UK Government regarding Israel’s devastating attacks on Palestine.

In our capacity as UK organisations, academics and individuals with expertise in autonomous weapons systems, we have been assessing the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) use of military artificial intelligence (AI) and the role played by the UK in helping facilitate Israeli operations. We have been concerned by the global trend towards the increased application of military AI and other advanced technologies in conflict observable around the world.

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We are deeply alarmed by the use of automated military systems in Gaza and the UK’s broader role in supporting Israeli military operations. Gaza must not be used as a testing ground for new AI-enabled weapons technology. We urge the UK to:

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This letter remains open for sign-ons; click here to add your organisation’s name to the letter.